Triad Prana

The Triad Prana

The Triad Prana are a set of three artefacts that are the origin of superpowers come together to form one.[1] The Triad Prana share each a little of the other's functions, however each one has its own specific capabilities. Unless all three of the Prana are together, their individual powers don't work very well.[1]

First PranaEdit

Prana (1st)
Current Possessor: Darkslug

Previous Possessor: Darkslug
The First Prana has the ability to create superpowers.[1] This Prana can also be used to transfer all a supublic's power into another.[2] Hero's robes are imbued with superpowers using this Prana's ability.[1][3]

Second PranaEdit

Prana (2nd)
Current Possessor: Nightmare

Previous Possessor: Darkslug
The Second Prana has the ability to either amplify, mimic or control the superpowers of supublics in the user's vicinity.[1] When it was in Blackhound's possession, he unconsciously showed the ability to amplify superpowers,[4][5] mimic superpowers,[6][7] and even use the control function to negate a superpower from working.[8][9]

Third PranaEdit

Prana (3rd)
Current Possessor: Dire

Previous Possessor: Darkslug
The Third Prana has the ability to decrease, steal and transfer the superpower(s) of another supublic.[1] This Prana also allows its user to transfer into another's body and then usurp control of it.[10][3] Metheos used the abilities of this Prana to steal the powers of heroes and redistribute them to his group of villains.


  • Theo using the Second Prana...
  • amplify Darkslug's powers.
  • Theo using the Second Prana to mimic Pluton's superpower.
  • Metheos steals Phantom's superpower with the Third Prana...
  • ...and transfers it into Iblis.