A Superhero, or simply a Hero, is something almost every supublic aspires to be.

Superheroes and their sidekicks enforce justice by helping people and preventing and solving problems, big or small.[1] However, the main job of a superhero is the get rid of any villains that appear around the world.[1]

To become a superhero, a supublic must first become a sidekick and be taken on by a current superhero. After a while, if the master hero gives approval then the Committee promotes the sidekick into a superhero.[2] At their hero's ceremony, the newly appointed hero is given a cape imbued with a superpower.[3]


  • All the heroes of the Committee have their own personal air bikes.[4][5] This still remains true four years after the Committee went into disarray.[6]
  • Since Lightning became the Secretary General of the Committee, supublics can become superheroes simply by 'donating' enough money to the Committee.[6]