Sidekicks are the assistants of superheroes and are people who strive to become superheroes themselves.

Sidekicks are exhausted because they take on all the difficult tasks under the shade of the superheroes. But they're dreaming of the day they can wear honourable capes.

Episode 0

Supublics that are successful in the Sidekick-Hero course at Justice College get chosen to become the sidekick of a hero. Sidekicks help their master hero in handling the complaints of citizens, dealing with villains and other (often menial) tasks.[1] If a sidekick's master hero gives their approval (and all their points are added up) then the Committee promotes them into a superhero.[1]

Despite generally being picked from the Justice College, superheroes can pick almost anyone to become their sidekick. For example, Camilla's sidekick, One-Eyed Shadow, is a reformed villain[2] and Darkslug's second sidekick, Blackhound, was a Justice College dropout as well as someone once sentenced to execution by the Committee.


Sidekicks are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are expected to respond to villain alerts regardless of all else.[3]