The Nine Stuff[1] (나인 스터프, nain seuteopeu) are a series of special items that were created to provide some balance between the constant chaos of the Triad Prana.[2] All nine items were owned and were in possession of each of the nine executive Committee members with each Committee member only knowing which piece they themselves possess. Of recent, others have come into possession of pieces of the Nine Stuff.

Eternal CrystalEdit

Current Owner:Limpid

Former Owner:Darkslug and First Chairman

Abilities:The first nine stuff is a blue crystal that looks like a water drop it's on limpid cape allows user to come back to life when all triad prana and gains the superpower of the person who killed her.

Death TraceEdit

Current Owner:-Lightning

Former Owner:-2nd Committee

Abilities:The second nine stuff is a necklace allows the user to absorb superpowers of those the user has killed.

Anima StoneEdit

Current Owner: Metheos
Former Owner: Apache

Abilities: The third Nine Stuff, the Anima Stone is a small green glowing ovular stone that enables its user to exchange life energy for power; thus the user can gain superpowers from both other supublics and normal people.[3] Trying to use the life energy of those more powerful than the user naturally has a resistance originally.[3]

Holy FluidEdit

Current Owner: Iblis
Former Owner: 5th Executive Committee member

Abilities: The fifth Nine Stuff, Holy Fluid is the liquid known in the supublic world as holy water.[4] Those who drink or come into contact with Holy Fluid have "some effects" in their superpowers;[4] this includes a sudden amplification in one's superpowers.[5]

Golden CandleEdit

Current Owner: Lightning
Former Owner: 6th Executive Committee member

Abilities: The sixth Nine Stuff, the Golden Candle is literally a golden candle that, when placed into the ground, everyone aside from the user in a specific range has their superpowers greatly suppressed or completely negated.[6] It appears that the Reflection skill can reflect the power of the Golden Candle as shown with Sieg.[6] Also, any physical transformations that come as a side-effect of having superpowers are not affected by the Golden Candle's power.[6]


Current Owner: Lightning
Former Owner: Unknown

Abilities: The seventh Nine Stuff, Triplace is an amulet composed of three identical parts. If the user splits the amulet into its parts then there will be three of the user, each one real and with the exact same body and superpowers.[7]

Delta ChromeEdit

Current Owner: Metheos
Former Owners: Hacky, Siegfried Hessler

Abilities: Delta Chrome is a special metal that can transmit the owner's superpowers through itself.[2] As such, if the Delta Chrome was weaponised, it would give the weapon the ability to directly harm a supublic;[2] the stronger the supublic's superpowers, the stronger and more lethal the weapon would be. The metal was smelted and moulded into a sword and a helmet respectively. The sword was damaged during Sieg's skirmish with Blood Pack and Alex whilst the helmet is currently in the possession of Metheos.


Current Owners: Blood Pack, Alex
Former Owner: Pietro

Abilities: Forcebite[8] is a special item that is able to absorb superpowers and then allows a person to use as much as had been absorbed;[8] the powers go away as soon as you use them up. Forcebite can be split into many different pieces and all the superpowers that has been accumulated inside the individual pieces can be shared amongst any other users.[8] Forcebite can absorb and store a seemingly infinite amount of superpowers.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Although the 1st-4th Nine Stuff are known to affect superpowers, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are on a level near to the Triad Prana.[9]