Lightning (normal)

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Electricity Manipulation
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Gravity Control

Lightning is a superhero and the current leader of the Humankind Security Committee.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Self-serving and evil, Lightning is more interested in his own personal gain for both money and power than the Hero cause. Before he was a secretary general, he was already known for his corruption. It was an open secret that he took sidekicks who could give him monetary bribes. After that, he got even worse, accepting bribes to make people heroes. He is also lecherous, asking Succubus to consider going to bed with him for a promotion.

Ultimately, he is nothing more than a cowardly arrogant bully with no sense of honour. He is also an unrepentant murderer, having killed his own fallen sidekick Gale without any remorse, even mocking him while doing so.



Lightning was first seen as one of the heroes supposed to transport the super villain Pluton to a more secure prison.

He was then seen as a recurring character as one of the people investigating a perverted villain, known as 'Snatcher' involved in collecting pretty gals hair with her retractable claws.

Thru the influence of Pietros, one of the corrupt member of the heroes committee, he was appointed secretary general of the heroes for the purpose of causing havoc for the heroes.

After he was appointed secretary general , he went on a villain hunt.Meeting his former sidekick Gale, he faced him in battle and won. On his knees, Gale begged for mercy. Lightning said he would give him a chance to redeem himself telling him he would spare his life if Gale would tell him the location of the villains secret hideout.

Gale did, but Lightning broke his word and killed him after that.

Lightning then gathered all the heroes to the coordinates, to find he had been tricked and the heaadquarters were under attack by Metheos.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He can shoot Lightning and use manipulate gravity

Notes & TriviaEdit


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