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Lady Lash was a superhero of the Association.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Lady Lash was a lithe woman with shoulder-length straight brown hair, with her bangs framing her face, brown eyes and pink lipstick covering her lips. She wore a red all-in-one suit (which included her red heels) with a cut that exposed her left shoulder and arm and also gold bands over each wrist. Her draping hero's cape was large and white.

Lady Lash was a confident person with a strong belief that what she was doing was right.


Throughout her active career, Lady Lash confronted terrorism and arrested many terrorists. She was a hero known for rescuing many hostages.[1]


Lady Lash arrived at Leaf City along with the other heroes summoned by Lightning. Seeing Dire try to attack the General, Lady Lash attacked in tandem with Sickle. Despite initially strangling Dire with her energy whip, Dire broke free and she was eventually accidentally cleaved in two by Sickle, killing her.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Lady Lash was able to generate a long energy whip, although it was easily snapped by Sickle's energy sickles. It is unknown what other strengths Lady Lash possessed.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • It's unknown what special skill was endowed to Lady Lash via her hero cape.


  1. Episode 2-52

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