Iblis (S2)



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Neutral Evil
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Mind Control
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Iblis is a young villain that worked for the Under Corps before defecting and aligning herself with Metheos.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Iblis is a very cunning and scheming individual willing to do anything to achieve her objectives. She will even sacrifice her allies in order to achieve them. She's also seductive and uses her body and charm often to seduce and deceive male characters to get her way.

Deep down however, she's a very cruel person, resorting to force when the soft approach fails.

She is extremely slender and wears a black dress that shows off her cleavage(or lack thereof) and her legs.


Ilibis was originally a top student within the sidekick program that was sent to Undercorps. After serving there she defected, joining Metheos to serve as his right hand woman.


Iblis was at first a top student within the sidekick program. She was promising and supposed to be the next sidekick of Darkslug.

However, during the sidekicks test, she had overpaced herself. When she was not able to go up the cliff her friend Lamia Lilthwood, gave her a hand.

She then pushed her friend off and made her hang there for her life and proceeded to retrieve the flag as first place.

Unknown to her, Dark Slug was watching from CCTVs behind the scenes. He evaluated that while her abilities were impressive, her character flaws made her unsuitable to become a hero.

He chose instead Lamia, although she was the dunce of the academy because she found her good character was what was important.

Being rejected by Dark Slug and having nowhere to go, she ended up in the Undercorps. There, she met Lamia again and found out she was supposed to transport a dangerous villain(Pluton) out of the prison. She then hatched a plan with another ex sidekick to let the villain loose, hoping to kill Lamia and the heroes transporting Pluton and on their deaths, try to fight for some open sidekick positions.

That was eventually thwarted and she had to choice but to flee. Alone in the dessert she met Metheos, who then asked her why she was so bound on being a hero. He told her that if the heroes rejected her, she should live as who she was, a villain. He fused her telepathic powers with the Phantom's giving her the name 'Iblis'

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

She has the powers of Telepathy as well as mind control inherited from the Phantom. She also now has retractable fingernail claws which she gained from the snatcher that Metheos gave her.

In season 2, she gains the powers of taking powers from Metheos and transferring it to others.

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