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Green Fire was a superhero of the Association.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Green Fire was a muscular hero with teal green hair, eyebrows and eyes. He wore a primarily royal blue suit with black Speedos and the upper front section of the suit bisected vertically by a black line. He wore a relatively small-sized cape which was fastened around his neck by a teal green broach.

He was a righteous and confident hero.


He was primarily responsible for saving hundreds of people from a trail derailment accident and is famous for rescue operations helping people in danger.[2]


Green Fire arrived at Leaf City along with the other heroes summoned by Lightning. Seeing Dire try to attack the General, Green Fire initially used his Mini skill to assault him but was temporarily subdued when Dire clapped him. Quickly recovering, Green Fire followed up Bold Champion's 'projectile' attack with his powerful Beam Burster. However, having used Sickle's body as a shield, Dire flew down and killed Green Fire and Bold Champion in quick succession.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Green Fire was a relatively powerful hero. His green-coloured Beam Burster sparked intensely before firing and was powerful enough to instantly char and kill a supublic of Sickle's level.[3] When using the Mini skill, despite his size decreasing immensely, his speed and power increased.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • It's unknown whether Green Fire's Mini skill is his own natural special skill or one endowed to him via his hero cape.


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