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Glamqueen was a superhero of the Humankind Security Committee.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Glamqueen was a shapely woman with slightly tanned skin, similar colored eyes and teal-colored Hair. As well as an incredibly small waist and wide hips, Glamqueen has a very large bosom and has noted that hers was much larger than Lamia's.[1] Her previous hero outfit consisted of a black onepiece with white thigh-high skin-tight boots and white shoulder-high skin-tight gloves. She wore her purple hero's cape over her right shoulder, fastened with a gold brooch. Her new outfit was completely black catsuit with a cleavage window and a gold belt.

She seems to be very vain (if her name is any indication) and narcissistic, bringing back her hero's outfit because it had "too much pink" despite barely having much of the color on the suit.[2] Glamqueen also seems to be very haughty, making well known of her status as a hero, as evidenced by the way she talked to Lamia.


She appeared at Andre's shop demanding a refund for an outfit she didn't like, but Andre merely replied that refunds were against store policy. Just then, the villain Goldrush burst into the shop spouting whatnot with both her and Lamia looking at the villain with sparkling eyes.

Lamia initially overwhelmed the villain and was preparing the final blow, but Glamqueen interrupted and finished Goldrush off with her special skill. With the golden villain in pieces, Glamqueen told Andre to get her his most expensive suit before chastising Lamia for trying to get the final blow whilst a hero was present. Pitying the sidekick, Glamqueen told her she would give Lamia her old outfit, despite Lamia's boobs being much smaller than her own.

Her corpse was later seen draped against a wall, having been killed by Metheos and his allies.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While Glamqueen's level of power was unknown, her special skill was Hand Blade, allowing her to launch powerful severing energy slashes from her hands. Her aptitude with her special skill seemed considerable, with her being able to effortlessly cut up the cyborg villain Goldrush with the skill.[1] It is unknown what her cape power was.


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