Episode 6


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22nd April, 2014
16th July, 2014
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Chapter 6: With a flashback of the time Camilla asked Dream Girl for a favour, One-Eyed Shadow takes the villain hunter away.

The Committee are annoyed that the villain hunter was captured instead of killed but Camilla threatens them into agreeing with her decision with a show of her power. After leaving the meeting room and encountering Darkslug, Camilla heads off to find Lamia and the villain hunter.

In the Committee's detention centre the villain hunter and Dream Girl are chained up against the wall. Dream Girl fills him in on where they are and how One-Eyed Shadow had converted to the side of good. The two then argue about who saved who until Darkslug arrives, telling Dream Girl she was fired but has forgiven and rehired her. Dream Girl is released and the villain hunter is released under parole too. As Darkslug and Dream Girl head away, the villain hunter knocks out the soldiers escorting him and prepares to leave until Camilla arrives and greets him, to his immense shock. Theo, the villain hunter, says he has to go but Camilla tells him she'll only let him go if he wins in a fight against Dream Girl.