Episode 5


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15th April, 2014
9th July, 2014
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Episode 5: Darkslug finishes off Tachy after an aerial assault and then quickly proceeds to take out the other two villains immediately after landing.

While Darkslug is taking out the villains, the villain hunter recovers and promptly attacks Darkslug after the latter had finished off the last villain. However Darkslug quickly overwhelms him in fight but is surprised by how well the villain hunter was withstanding his blows. The villain hunter questions what was so wrong with him using his own power to fight villains and Darkslug casually gives him a cold reply whilst flooring him.

Just before Darkslug can eliminate him, he is knocked out by Dream Girl. As the villain hunter wonders what's going on, a shadow slithers out from underneath him and he recognises the shadow as One-Eyed Shadow...


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