Episode 49


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17th February, 2015
13th May, 2015
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Episode 49: As Darkslug blocks Metheos's attack that was meant for Dream Girl, he tells his sidekick to hide behind him as he might need her help later on.

Metheos, in Theo's body, attacks Darkslug again, but is repelled by the hero. The villain wonders why he is still losing but Darkslug tells him it was because he couldn't accept their way of life. Elsewhere Camilla looks at Guardian's corpse upset, but says she'll find a way to save Theo.

Darkslug downs Metheos and readies to kill him but Camilla gets in his way. Using the distraction to his advantage, Metheos gets up and grabs Camilla's neck from behind before firing a Beam Burster at Dream Girl. As, Darkslug instantly blocks the attacks with his cape, mirroring the time he saved Dream Girl when she was a child, he notes that Metheos is draining Camilla's power from her. Metheos pushes his attack further, gravely injuring Darkslug. As Metheos cackles maniacally, Darkslug tells Lamia why he chose her as his sidekick and, as Metheos fires a full body Beam Burster at them, Darkslug says "the time has come" before transferring the First Prana over to her. At that, the Humankind Security Committee island explodes from the power of the attack. Lightning sees the eruption as he arrives and says after finding out the situation he'll go himself. In the distance, floating inside an energy bubble, Mybee notes that Metheos overdid it despite just getting a new body and muses that next time they'll kill all the heroes...

In Darkslug's secret hideout in the mountains, Lindsay notes that if she hadn't woken up in time, everyone might've died on the island. She then asks why Lamia hadn't woken up yet. Hacky replies that it was because a great power had been forced inside of her and wondersw whether he used the First Prana to do so. Lindsay then told him it was time he filled her in on what the Prana were before addressing him as "Chairman Hacky". He says he was hungry and they should walk and talk before asking how the search for Camilla and Darkslug was going.Lindsay informs him that the Committee was in a bit of a state involving a power struggle focused around Lightning. As they leave, Lamia has a brief flashback to the time when he saved her for the last time as her eyes open.