Episode 48


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10th February, 2015
6th May, 2015
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Episode 48: As Camilla and Dream Girl rush to the scene, the latter asks where the First Prana is and Camilla muses it was captured at the time. Elsewhere, just as Metheos was readying to pierce both Darkslug and Blackhound, Darkslug teleports out of the way, swings Blackhound down to the ground and then notes that all his skills were working as he wanted them to. Camilla then tells Dream Girl that Darkslug was probably stationed to protect the First Prana.

As Blackhound tries to get back up, Methoes says that the First Prana's power was incredible but Darkslug just replies that he is naturally strong as he overwhelms the villain. Blackhound then yells out in anguish as Darkslug impales Metheos. Seeing his 'father' be injured so brutally, Blackhound's anger peaks and he smashes Darkslug away with incredible power. Blackhound then sees if his 'father' was okay, only for Guardian to briefly regain control of his body and scream for Theo to get away. However Dunkelheit regains control of Guardian's body and usurps Theo's body instead.

With Guardian's corpse going limp, Darkslug curses as Metheos revels in the fact that he now had the Second and Third Prana. However Darkslug quickly launches himself at Metheos whilst Dream Girl has a vision of the frightening dream she had a while ago. Just then, she and Camilla dodge when Darkslug comes hurtling over. Darkslug tells Camilla things had got more complicated and informs her of Metheos transferring into Theo's body before adding that Guardian was dead.

Metheos (in Theo's body) then attacks Camilla and strikes at Dream Girl but the attack is blocked by Darkslug. The hero then tells his sidekick to hide behind him as he might need her help later on.