Episode 47


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3rd February, 2015
29th April, 2015
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Episode 47: Iblis rushes around to find Lamia whilst Lightning curses the villains for tricking him. In their cell Camilla finishes telling Lamia about the past when Lamia tells her she thinks of a way to escape. Meanwhile Metheos imitates being Guardian to fool Blackhound into believing he was his father, much to Darkslug's chagrin. Blackhound then launches into attack.

Iblis reaches the cell door, with Lamia's direction, and opens it only to be promptly knocked out by Kyle. Camilla tells him to take Olivia somewhere safe whilst she and Lamia head off to the fight outside. The fight between Darkslug and Metheos resumes but Blackhound joins, fighting against Darkslug, to Metheos' pleasure. Although Darkslug tries to go easy on Blackhound, the latter eventually gets behind Darkslug and pins him, with Metheos readying to pierce him as they fall.


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