Episode 46


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27th January, 2015
22nd April, 2015
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Episode 46: Camilla explains to Dream Girl that it was Guardian who betrayed everyone. Meanwhile Metheos tells Darkslug his reasons for doing what he did. Camilla then gives her thoughts on what she thought Guardian wanted to do with the Triad Prana.

Darkslug laughs at Metheos' reasons and calls him out on them whilst he knocks Metheos down. Camilla then carries on revealing what happened after Guardian betrayed the Committee with Dunkelheit being sent to pursue him along with his sidekick, Darkslug. In what proved to be an unexpected outcome, Guardian first defeated Dunkelheit before being defeated himself by Dunkelheit's sidekick Darkslug. However Dunkelheit backstabbed Darkslug and then usurped control of Guardian's body trying to look for the First and Second Prana.

As Darkslug berates his former master for his lies, Theo wakes up amid the chaos and walks over, surprised to see his 'father' again.


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