Episode 45


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20th January, 2015
15th April, 2015
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Episode 45: Darkslug asks Metheos how he managed to hold back his disgusting thirst before saying that he was too easy on his sidekicks. As he heals Limpid's fatal injury, Metheos asks if Darkslug was that confident before saying he was as insolent as ever.

In the Committee dungeon, Camilla explains to Dream Girl about the Triad Prana as well as an event which occurred 10 years ago and involved the two greatest heroes of the time. As Camilla further explains the situation, Darkslug begins fighting heavily with Metheos. As she is listening to Camilla's explanation, Dream Girl reasons that it was Dunkelheit who betrayed everyone and tried to obtain all three Prana but Camilla tells her it was her master, Guardian, who betrayed everyone. Meanwhile Darkslug chastises Metheos before finally addressing him as "master"...


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