Episode 42


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30th December, 2014
25th March, 2015
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Episode 42: Metheos senses the Second Prana incoming and wonders where the First Prana could be. As Dream Girl rushes to find Darkslug, Metheos concludes it would be in the place with the most powerful hero guarding it.

Dream Girl arrives at the control room and asks that the corpsmen open Darkslug's cell. After being refused, Dream Girl replies incredulously but then the corpsmen arrest her after receiving Lightning's orders. Dream Girl's frustration peaks and she knocks out everyone in the room with a burst of her power. Holding up a corpsmen by the neck, she demands he open Darkslug's cell and, after some convincing, he gives in.

Monk and his ally arrive at the Committee HQ and inform Iblis who tells them she was on her way. Meanwhile, Lightning is pointlessly telling all the gathered heroes to continue searching for villains.

In the Committee dungeon, Darkslug says the signal is here and Camilla gets riled up, pinning him to the wall. Darkslug tells her to calm down, because "he" was here, shocking Camilla.

Outside Metheos effortlessly kills the corpsmen guarding the dungeons whilst Dream Girl races to Darkslug's cell. Just then Monk and his ally appear, with time paused, and observe Dream Girl's paused state. With Monk saying they should play around with her til Metheos arrives, Blackhound's finger twitches...