Episode 40


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16th December, 2014
11th March, 2015
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Episode 40: Gale begs Lightning to be spared and the hero tells him only if he reveals the location of the villains' hideout.

In the Committee dungeon, Camilla asks Darkslug if he can break down the barrier but he replies there's no need, to sit tight and have faith in the sidekicks who are by hero's sides.

In the city, Dream Girl notes how strange it is before deciding to ride off on Lightning's air bike. Meanwhile Gale confirms the villains' hideout to Lightning and the hero mercilessly impales him again before electrocuting his former sidekick. With that, he radios the Situation Room and activates emergency protocols for all heroes to advance to the villains hideout. As Lightning celebrates, he frustratedly notices Dream Girl riding away with his air bike.

At the villains' hideout Iblis telepathically contacts Metheos telling him the heroes were on their way. Meanwhile Lightning and another hero discuss how he lost his air bike before the hero then notes that there was no signs of life coming from the hideout. Just then he hears reports of the Committee being attacked. At the Committee Mybee and Metheos are destroying the place and are ready to begin sneakthieving with Iblis saying she'll meet them there.

We then see the full flashbacks of Gale talking to Iblis as well as discussing his plans to trick Lightning with Metheos. Gale then smiles contently as he dies.