Episode 4


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8th April, 2014
2nd July 2014
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Episode 4: Noticing the current situation Darkslug prepares to leave, much to Dream Girl's chagrin, eliciting Tachy to call Darkslug out on the negative rumours surrounding him (as well as adding he wasn't how he used to be). The other villain then fires a Beam Burster attack at Darkslug and Dream Girl.

We are treated to a flashback of Lamia's past when her powers manifested and she was taken to the Supublic academy where she first met Camilla and also claimed she would become Darkslug's sidekick. Back in the present, Darkslug has effortlessly avoided taking damage from the previous attack but Dream Girl had been incapacitated by it. Darkslug suggests an idea to the villains, since they had both come with the same goal, but they refuse as it would mean they'd be helping Darkslug out.

With his offer rejected Darkslug then says he'll have to wipe them all out before instantly appearing behind Tachy and then disabling him with a simple neck grip. Asserting his dominance, Darkslug then flies up high into the sky with Tachy in his grasp.