Episode 39


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9th December, 2014
4th March, 2015
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Episode 39: With his sidekick downed, Afrostar faces off against three villains by himself and initially takes down both Monk and his ally before being killed by Gale's sneak attack.

Lightning then arrives on to the scene, displeased with Afrostar being downed, and calls for Gale to show himself. Gale appears, first unsettling Lightning by slicing his cheek, before getting into a full-scale fight with the hero. As Gale is completely overwhelming Lightning, he gets a flashback to when Iblis told him he would be the one to kill Lightning where he replied that he actually wanted to become a hero. As Gale is about to ready land another blow, Lightning tells him he was worthy to be his sidekick before dropping Gale to the ground with his skill. Lightning then sarcastically derides Gale with his hand impaled in the villain's chest.


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