Episode 38


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2nd December, 2014
25th February, 2015
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Episode 38: Afrostar and Succubus wonder who the hell the villain is just before the aircraft explodes violently. Afrostar then wakes up in a white dimension before his sidekick pulls him out. As they see the villain who took the aircraft down, Afrostar commands Succubus to check for survivors before he takes on the villain.

In the Situation Centre Dream Girl notes that it was odd that the villain knew the aircraft was coming but Lightning waves it off as coincidence.

Afrostar continues to fight the villain and overwhelms the latter before landing a killing blow. Succubus returns, saying no-one survived, and then warns Afrostar when the villain attacks him, having quickly regenerated his wound. Afrostar tells Succubus to flee but, with time paused, she is mercilessly taken down by the arriving Monk. Gale then appears, carrying Blackhound, and taunts Lightning via the aircraft radio.

Dream Girl realises Gale is taunting Lightning on purpose to lure him out, but Lightning has already fallen for it and is already preparing to eliminate his former sidekick.