Episode 37


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25th November, 2014
18th February, 2015
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Episode 37: In the city Blackhound notes how quiet it is, only to be reminded that it had been evacuated by Limpid. He continues to talk to her when he realises she had disappeared. Just then Monk appears, having paused time, and readies to capture Blackhound until the sidekick attacks him, much to the villain's surprise. The two start fighting, with Monk realising his powers don't work on Blackhound, whilst an invisible Limpid observes noting that she had to find out what the villains' motive is.

From their base Lightning is updated with Limpid's situation and tells Afrostar's team to engage. Dream Girl asks if they were going to join but Lightning lewdly replies that he wasn't.

From their aircraft, Afrostar tells Succubus they were going to have to follow Lightning's ridiculous plans for now, despite the sidekick noting that it seemed like a trap. Afrostar gets ready to drop first when the aircraft is suddenly attacked...