Episode 36


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18th November, 2014
11th February, 2015
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Episode 36: After Lightning releases Blackhound and Dream Girl and tells him they are now his sidekicks, they follow him out. As they follow him, he and Blackhound have a brief altercation that almost results in the latter revealing his powers (although Dream Girl manages to calm him down).

Gale remembers the abuse he suffered at Lightning's hands and wonders if he'll be able to avenge his father after killing the hero. Metheos then appears and tells him that defeating Lightning won't be easy before the two begin discussing the Triad Prana.

At the Committee, Lightning reveals some of the villains they will be facing before sharing his plans with the rest of the less than eager heroes.

In Metheos' base Iblis informs him that their target was on the move and with a hero. Metheos tells his allies it was time to put their plan into action before adding that this time he would kill "him".

Just then, in the Committee's dungeon, Darkslug comically wakes up to Camilla's bemusement.