Episode 35


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11th November, 2014
4th February, 2015
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Episode 35: In the Secretary General's office Lightning is bitterly welcomed by the arrival of Afrostar and his sidekick Succubus. After some lewd comments from Lightning, Limpid also makes her presence known, startling Lightning in the process. Lightning then says he hopes they can listen to his "orders" in eliminating the villains.

Elsewhere Gale has flashbacks of his bitter past leading up to him being assigned as Lightning's sidekick, then to the point when he was harshly fired from said sidekick position. He then walks to talk to Metheos but Iblis stops him, saying Metheos was with an important guest. Inside Metheos discusses heinous matters with the supreme council member Pietro.

In the Committee's dungeon, an imprisoned Theo wonders who Mystery Helmet was whilst in other dungeon Kyle tells Camilla that their prison was inescapable. Camilla then notes her suspicions of Pietro as being a traitor in the Committee as well as why she didn't report the Second Prana to them. As she muses about what to do, Kyle asks her what "Prana" is Camilla explains to him what they are as well as to where they were. Kyle notes that things would be bad if they fell into the wrong hands and Camilla is about to explain further until Darkslug interrupts her telling her he was not yet ready to dig into his past.

Lightning then appears in Theo and Lamia's dungeon, frees them and tells them they had been forgiven by Pietro. He then swaggeringly tells them that they were his new sidekicks.