Episode 34


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4th November, 2014
28th January, 2015
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Episode 34: Lamia has a frightening dream of her death with Theo standing over her. When she comes to, she realises she is still in her outfit from the illegal arena. Looking over at Theo, she sees he is in distress in his sleep and goes to wipe the sweat but he violently assaults her by accident. As he apologises, Lightning walks in and arrests them and Darkslug on orders from the Committee.

In the Committee, the council members discuss Camilla being spotted at the illegal arena. Pietro says they should expel her and others agree. Just then an urgent message concerning the hero "Composer" comes through shocking the council, although Pietro tells them time was of the essence and that they should demote Camilla first.

In a forest somewhere, Gale goads Composer to show himself. When he does Gale attacks him, but Composer uses his ability to evade Gale's attack and strangle the villain from behind. Just then, two other villains show up, having paused time, with the male saying they should play with him first. However the hero's eyes are impaled by Iblis who tells them to hurry up and finish their target as the next one was someone Gale was acquainted with.

Back in the Committee, the council members temporarily appoint Lightning as the new Secretary General.