Episode 33


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28th October, 2014
21st January, 2015
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Episode 33: Theo stops Mystery Helmet's attack against Lamia but is kicked away by his opponent and Lamia is thrown far against a wall (she is saved by Kyle however). Because of his actions, Mystery Helmet is disqualified, much to the audience's chagrin, but he carries on fighting regardless.

Mystery Helmet continues to taunt Theo, causing the latter to get angry and attack him with his power. Despite using the Second Prana's skills, Theo is overwhelmed by Mystery Helmet and is about to land the finishing blow until Camilla steps in. She says it was too much, but Darkslug disagrees. Just then, Kyle appears and tells them that there was a report that Glamqueen had been killed.

Elsewhere, at the scene of Glamqueen's death, Metheos asks Gale if he liked his new power and the former sidekick confirms, adding that all heroes were trash. Metheos then says it is time to steal the rotten power away from them and share it evenly among the supublics. As he rallies his comrades, he mentally notes that they first had to retrieve the Second Prana.