Episode 32


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21st October, 2014
14th January, 2015
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Episode 32: Theo effortlessly defeats Mr. Freezie and moves on to the next round. As Theo consistently defeats each coming challenger, Darkslug proceeds to tell Camilla about the features of the Second Prana, its strengths and weaknesses, its limitations and how it affected Theo himself. As Theo defeats the fourth challenger, earning himself a fight against the champion, Darkslug summarises that Theo has never done anything to get stronger in his life and merely relies on the power of the Prana. Darkslug then tells Camilla to watch as the champion shows what happens when Theo is put up against an opponent he cannot handle.

Down in the arena, the champion "Mystery Helmet" enters and tries to goad Theo. Theo calms himself down and Mystery Helmet says that there was no point fighting him in that state. Mystery Helmet then proceeds to attack Lamia causing Theo to dive in and protect her.