Episode 30


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7th October, 2014
31st December, 2014
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Episode 30: Goldrush exclaims he will destroy Andre's suit shop when Blackhound walks in, only to be kicked out again by the golden villain. Dream Girl, overtaken by the will to capture Goldrush, attacks the villain with a powerful flurry of punches and readies to land the finishing blow when Glamqueen interrupts her and finishes the villain off herself by slicing him up with her power. With Goldrush defeated, Glamqueen tells Andre to get her his most expensive suit whilst offering her own suit to Dream Girl.

Later on, the two sidekicks return to Darkslug's HQ only to find Darkslug sitting in his throne. Darkslug is still in thought about Theo and tells the two to follow him. Leading them down a dark set of stairs, Dream Girl almost walks over the edge but is stopped in time by Blackhound. However, Darkslug kicks them both over the edge and tells them they shouldn't be too bored as they freefall.