Episode 29


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30th September, 2014
24th December, 2014
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Episode 29: As Metheos watches from above, Blackhound looks up and sees no-one; thinking his senses are off he heads after Dream Girl.

In Camilla's room, she and Darkslug discuss Theo's ability and Camilla asks him to awaken Theo's power. Darkslug is implied to agree and tries to woo Camilla only to be humorously rejected.

In the morning, Dream Girl takes Blackhound to Andre's Super Costume to get a new suit. Andre welcomes them both before taking Blackhound to get suited up. Dream Girl sits down and thinks Blackhound will come out wearing something embarrassing, only to be greatly surprised when he comes out wearing something that looks quite good on him. As she recomposes herself, Blackhound says he likes the suit and heads off.
Dream Girl fruitlessly asks for a new suit of her own, until Glamqueen walks in, asking for a refund for a suit. However Andre tells her it's non-refundable. Dream Girl asks if she can buy it off of her and Glamqueen asks how much she had to pay with.

Just then, the villain Goldrush entered the shop exclaiming he would destroy it. He then notices Dream Girl and Glamqueen eyeing him up, with the two both keen to take him out.