Episode 27


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16th September, 2014
10th December, 2014
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Episode 27: Iblis reveals herself to Snatcher asks her why she wastes her power. An incensed Lightning tries to attack but Iblis effortlessly mind controls him into thinking he is a dog. Snatcher then reveals she thinks her powers are a curse and Iblis tells her she can remover the curse from her.

Dream Girl and Theo arrive at the parking lot to find an unconscious but alive Gale self-healing from his cut throat. Dream Girl then receives a message from Hacky telling them that Snatcher and the girl from the pendant are the same person. The two race to reach Snatcher's hideout when Dream Girl gets another message alerting her that villain crime had been detected in their jurisdiction; Snatcher was on the run after killing 10 people.

As Dream Girl reads the instructions for how she is allowed to apprehend Snatcher, the real Snatcher is walking down a street greatly relieved that her powers were actually gone. Up above, on the roof of a building, the real killer thanks Iblis for giving away her powers saying that she'll make good use of them.