Episode 26


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9th September, 2014
3rd December, 2014
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Episode 26: Gale catches Snatcher in the act, with the latter asking if a gold pendant was found at the scene of their previous crime. Gale just mocks Snatcher, causing the villain to slice him across his neck.

Meanwhile, Dream Girl is following Theo up some dark stairs when a strange young kid jumps into her chest, knocking her down. He then says he is a big fan whilst wriggling his face in her bosom before being lifted off by Theo, who reveals that the kid is actually 21 years old. Theo explains further causing Dream Girl to punch the 'kid' in the face.
Theo then explains the guy's power and that the Committee labelled him the villain "Hacky". With Theo's urging, Hacky discovers who the girl from the pendant is and also that Snatcher was a high-level villain. Just then, Dream Girl gets an alert saying that a villain had appeared in their jurisdiction, causing the two sidekicks to leave.

Back in the parking lot, Lightning appears wondering why his sidekicks all die before Snatcher attacks him in frustration. Lightning repels Snatcher and readies to kill the villain before Darkslug's sidekicks arrived. In the distance, Iblis watches the two battle.