Episode 25


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2nd September, 2014
26th November, 2014
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Episode 25: Dream Girl and Theo arrive at the scene of the crime to see that the victim has had her hair cut off although Theo doesn't think much of it, much to Dream Girl's chagrin. Lightning and his new sidekick, Gale, then appear, telling them it was the work of the villain "Snatcher" a perverted man who preys on alone women and steals their hair. Lightning tells them to get lost, because it was his area of jurisdiction, and they do so after Gale blows them back with his powers.

At an eatery, Dream Girl gives Theo some tips to help him with his sidekick duties. After a humorous incident, she tells Theo they needed to get him a costume before then telling him of the time she got her first sidekick costume. When she finishes, she notices that Theo is looking at a pendant with a picture of a girl in it. Theo tells her that the villain dropped it at the scene of the crime and that he was going to find out more about the villain in question.

Meanwhile in an empty level of a parking lot, a young woman is standing by herself when Snatcher appears behind her, crawling on the ceiling. A wind suddenly blows Snatcher off of the ceiling and on to the roof of the car and Gale appears, telling the woman to flee as he was now here to sort the problem out.


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