Episode 24


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26th August, 2014
19th November, 2014
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Episode 24: Theo enters Darkslug's mansion and finds the sidekick's room. Going in, he is surprised to find Lamia getting changed inside. After a slightly awkward altercation, Darkslug appears and informs them he now has two sidekicks and they would both be staying in the same room, much to both of their horrors.

In the evening a distressed woman finds she is being followed and then encounters a strange person who grabs her hair and says that they "must have it".

Back in Darkslug's mansion, Theo prepares to get some rest when an alarm goes off alerting them about villain activity. Theo then watches as Lamia immediately awakes and gets into her sidekicks suit. She then tells him to get ready as they were going to catch a villain.


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