Episode 23


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19th August, 2014
12th November, 2014
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Episode 23: Pluton resurfaces and angrily prepares to toss Dream Girl until Limpid attacks him from behind. Pluton frustratedly fires a Beam Burster at her and readies to take her out until Theo strikes him down from above. Theo then killed Pluton using the villain's own power against him before passing out afterwards. As reinforcements arrive Lamia notices that Olivia had disappeared.

Theo has a flashback to the time he found out that his father disappeared due to villains attacking and wakes up shouting in the present, startling Darkslug, Dream Girl and Limpid who are sitting across from him on the plane. Darkslug then makes Theo his new sidekick, calling him "Blackhound", much to Dream Girl's horror.

In the desert, Olivia wallows in defeat when she sees a levitating figure, holding Phantom by the neck, standing before her. The figure blames Phantom for the failure of Pluton's retrieval before taking his powers away from him. The figure then approaches Olivia and tells her get up and become a villain. She takes his hand and he gives her Phantom's powers, telling her that she had now been reborn into the supervillain "Iblis".