Episode 22


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12th August, 2014
5th November, 2014
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Episode 22: A defeated Lightning wakes up wondering what happened whilst Limpid connects to the Committee and informs Camilla of the situation.

Meanwhile Darkslug battles Pluton but is overwhelmed due to being extremely exhausted. Dream Girl tries to help but realises Pluton is out of her league. This causes Pluton to come over and kill her, but before he can end her life, Theo subconsciously uses his power to augment Dream Girl's power and recharge Darkslug's energy, allowing Dream Girl to very briefly knock out Pluton and Darkslug to deliver two finishing blows to the villain. Darkslug then casually falls down in a heap and a relieved Dream Girl walks over to him only for her ankle to be grabbed from below the sand...


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