Episode 21


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5th August, 2014
29th October, 2014
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Episode 21: Limpid and the mind controlled Lightning are evenly matched, allowing Phantom to escape and go after Pluton, to the former's chagrin. Meanwhile, Pluton turns the tables on Theo and quickly incapacitates him. Dream Girl tries to help Theo but Olivia stops her and tells her she was going to repay her by letting her get killed by Pluton. As Dream Girl is manhandled by Olivia, Darkslug arrives on the back of a camel and orders Olivia to take her hands off of Dream Girl.

With Olivia completely intimidated by Darkslug's presence, the latter notes he finally made it despite the odds. Pluton asks if he was as fun as he had been told and Darkslug acknowledges before evading Pluton's blow and striking him with a knee to the head.


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