Episode 20


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29th July, 2014
22th October, 2014
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Episode 20: Theo banters with Dream Girl until Pluton attacks him with a Beam Burster. Theo withstands the attack and then retaliates, taking the slight upper hand. Meanwhile an anxious Camilla tells Kyle to inform her once they get into contact with the 13th Villain Prison. Camilla asks where Theo has been designated to in the Undercore and Kyle tells her to the 13th Prison, to her horror.

In the desert, Theo is dominating Pluton in their fight much to Lamia and Olivia's jaw-dropping surprise. Theo notes that despite always coming out on top when fighting in the past against villains, he had never felt as powerful as he did now. Theo continues to dominate Pluton (with Camilla worriedly wondering in her office) until Pluton gets serious and breaks Theo's arm before starting his ferocious counter-attack.


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