Season 2, Episode 9


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14th July, 2015
12th August, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 9: The #35 Alex cyborg attacks the bandana-wearing hero but is eventually destroyed by the newly appointed hero. However the #36 variant appears behind him and, whilst it begins killing the bandana-wearing hero, Mr. Ellison and another man note that each version gets progressively stronger. The other man says that it was still too weak and they needed a stronger superpower.

In the Arondite Group office, Lamia is being run off her feet trying to complete all the tasks being given to her, having been demoted back into an intern. As Lamia rushes outside, she bumps into Alex who tells her that Jina is looking for her and to follow him.

At the temporary Committee headquarters Seeker informs Lightning of the bandana-wearing hero's death and that his superpowers were somehow replicated. Lightning asks if it is the Prana but Seeker replies there was no concrete evidence before saying he'd get to the bottom of the situation.

Alex takes Lamia down to an underground arena and then attempts to attack her, but she nonchalantly sends him hurtling away with a casual elbow strike. As Lamia notes that Alex wasn't an ordinary cyborg but one with superpowers, Jina arrives and asks what was going on. Lamia questions her but Jina surmises that her father was continuing the "Alex Project" and says she would have to see if with her own eyes. Lamia asks where she will go and Jina replies that there was a secret lab. Lamia then asks if Jina knew where it is before telling the young supublic to hold on tight.

In a snow covered mountainous region, Seeker finds the secret lab with his own unique superpower and notes that there were some enormous mixed superpowers coming from inside. Meanwhile Nightmare, holding on to Jina, flies towards the secret lab.