Season 2, Episode 8


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7th July, 2015
5th August, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 8: In the CEO's office, Succubus intimidates Mr. Ellison on Lightning's orders. When Jina opens the door to the office, Lightning and Succubus walk out nonchalantly with Jina finding them familiar. Walking into the office, Jina sits with her father and notices his antsy, nervous demeanour. She then tells him of the company's strange financial behaviour and asks if he was working on the "Alex Project", which briefly riles him up. Mr. Ellison quickly calms down and the two discuss Jina working for the company, with Jina asking for her hiring to be announced.

A hiring notice is put up, noting Jina's new position and Lamia's promotion, with many employees annoyed that Lamia had gone straight from an intern to a manager just because she knew Jina. Later, Lamia visits Jina in her office and tells Jina that getting promoted this way didn't feel right. Jina says that she promoted her based on her impressions of Lamia, but the latter disagrees and says she only stole the position from someone else before adding what a hero's job is really about. Jina has a flashback to her youth and notes that people used her for the past twenty years and then grins.

At the Humankind Security Committee's temporary headquarters, Lightning receives a donation from a supublic and promotes the man into a Superhero as a result. After the new hero leaves, Lightning reveals the Committee was running out of new hero capes and adds that, due to the fact that the Prana was what gave the capes superpowers, they needed to find the First Prana no matter what. He then tells Succubus to put the funds into the Committee account and she says that accepting more funds won't help but Lightning cuts her off and tells her that reconstructing the Committee would require a lot of money. He justifies himself by saying that it was ll to protect the people of the world.

Flying away on his airbike, the newly appointed hero is suddenly accosted by a spectacled man calling himself "Alex #35" and saying, "Battle test #127. Begin"...