Season 2, Episode 67


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23rd August, 2016
21st September, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 67: Using the hacked communications, Hacky determines where Metheos was heading towards, prompting the splitting up of the groups to counteract the problem. Hacky, Camilla and One-Eyed Shadow would go to another hideout, Limpid, Phoenix and Darkslug would go to Central City and Blood Pack would go retrieve her master. Darkslug notes that he and Blood Pack would fly to their destinations, and the latter wonders how, eliciting Darkslug to imbue her the special skill.

Meanwhile, Count and Nightmare begin their battle in earnest with the former dominating due to the latter's fatigue. After Nightmare almost ends up slicing him across the face, Count recounts how he got his scar and his ambition to take revenge on Dunkelheit if he saw him, Nightmare reveals that Dunkelheit and Metheos were the same person, shocking the villain. Saying he'd find out himself after killing her, Count attempts to blast her head off, only for his aim to be offset by the timely arrival of Blood Pack who joins her master in the fray.


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