Season 2, Episode 66


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16th August, 2016
14th September, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 66: Realising her fluctuating power after blasting Nightmare, the latter rises and tells Whitedresser she had no right to jump to conclusions about others not understanding how she felt before pulling him in and putting her on her backside. Meanwhile, Dead Mask rises again, having regenerated from having his upper body blown away, but is soon put down for good when Blood Pack reflects his own huge Beam Burster back into his face. With the revelation of Blood Pack's increasing superpowers, the heroes set to mobilise for Nightmare's location.

In the villains' hideout, Metheos and Iblis set out for Central City whilst Count heads out to engage Nightmare. Seeing her and Whitedresser in the distance, he unleashes an ungodly Beam Burster that obliterates the area directly in front of him and kills Whitedresser in the process. Seeing an unharmed Nightmare, Count grins excitedly as he notes that she blocked it.


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