Season 2, Episode 6


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23rd June, 2015
22nd July, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 6: Metaroid recognises Lamia as Dream Girl and attempts to attack her in revenge but she bisects him with a nonchalant hand swipe before sending him crashing many stories to the ground in two pieces. His ally down below wonders what happened until Nightmare appears in front of him.

In excitement, he surrounds her with multiple cars using his power but is stopped by Jina's own power. Jina tells Nightmare that if she defeated the villain she would have to accept her as her sidekick. Nightmare responds that Jina wasn't the type to listen before the angry villain explodes the cars around them. Nightmare tells her she should've saved the people in the car instead of spouting crap but when Jina asks why she didn't save them, Nightmare casually notes there was no-one in the cars, confusing Jina. The angry villain then uses his power to simulate increased gravity, forcing Jina to her knees. However Nightmare effortlessly stands in front of the gobsmacked villain and smashes him into the ground with a casual blow to the head, before grumbling about how her work was now gone.

Alex returns and tells Jina to put her mask and coat on. Nightmare groans about how she was going to get fired causing Jina to tell her to stop whining with Nightmare exclaiming that heroes don't eat for free. Just then, Lamia's boss appears and he recognises Jina as the successor to the Arondite Robotics group. As Nightmare wonders what the hell is going on, she realises that Jina is her super-superior in the company while she is just an inferior worker.