Season 2, Episode 57


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14th June, 2016
13th July, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 57: Hacky confirms his thoughts on Nightmare's growth of superpowers when suddenly Metheos broadcasts a message to all televised screens, telling supublics to join the "Supublic Liberation Organisation". As Nightmare disagrees aloud, Eve adds her two cents and gets her head crushed as a result. As she watches Metheos' broadcast, she imagines Theo greeting her, but quickly reminds herself that it was Dunkelheit inhabiting the body.

Elsewhere, Max is surprised to find that the source of the DNA was that of Darkslug's. Noting the similarities to Alex, Max proceeds to connect to Darkslug's life tank and runs some diagnostics. After being asked what he planned on doing, Max explained that he would absorb Darkslug's body into his own in order to become the strongest supublic. After prompting, Max says to kill Camilla as she was unneeded, but she is saved by the timely arrival of Alex and Blood Pack. Alex immediately engages Piggy Fox whilst Jina recalls the day Max murdered her father. Piggy Fox then attempts to attack her but she psychically immobilises him in midair, throws his own corrosive spit back in his face and finally kills him by slashing open his torso with her hand. Max babbles at them, before forcibly turning Alex on Blood Pack. Max and Alex then flank Blood Pack, ultimately piercing through her chest with a Beam Burster. Max elaborates on his healing-diminishing beam and orders Alex to finish her off. Alex falters after being given the order, so Max pierces him through the chest with his Beam Burster.

As Max prepares to kill them both he is suddenly attacked from behind by One-Eyed Shadow, revealing the arrivals of the former, Limpid and Phoenix. Limpid acknowledges Camilla's presence but Camilla hurriedly says they needed to help Blood Pack quickly as she was dying. However, Max interjects and says that all of them would soon die very painfully...


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