Season 2, Episode 56


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7th June, 2016
6th July, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 56: In Riverrun Metheos verifies the powers of the Anima Stone and Iblis tells the rest of them it was time to leave. Eve whines that there was still vermin about and some of the other villains note Eve's bloodthirsty nature. Metheos then allows her free time to wreak havoc. Fighter jets try to take Eve down, but she ruthlessly destroys them all and kills the pilots. Nightmare then abruptly zooms past her, much to Eve's surprise, and stops a collapsing building from squashing the civilians underneath. While Hacky and Eve confirm Nightmare's presence, the hero irritatedly tells the Under Corps members to evacuate people. Nightmare then saves Jenny's mum from Eve's Beam Burster before attacking Eve head-on. Nightmare quickly overwhelms and dismembers Eve, causing the latter to transform into a more battle-ready form. Eve then rushes at Nightmare at such surprising speeds that Nightmare accidentally decapitates her before destroying the cyborg villain for good. Watching from behind the screen, Hacky marvels at Nightmare's stabilised superpowers and wonders whether Darkslug knew all along that Lamia would grow into a being capable of containing such massive power.

In Camilla's hideout, the villains rough her up. Dr. Max, ecstatic at having found it, exclaims that with the best sample he could complete his work.


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