Season 2, Episode 55


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31st May, 2016
29th May, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 55: Seeing his hopeless situation Lightning tries to flee but gets killed by one of the villains present. Count aims to kill Limpid with a Beam Burster but Phoenix blocks the lethal attack with his body. As Metheos prepares to absorb their superpowers, One-Eyed Shadow suddenly slithers in and retrieves the two, escaping before they could sustain any damage. Eve offers to go after them but Iblis tells her not to bother as they had already obtained the Anima Stone. The villains then wonder why there were two dead Lightning's and it is explained that it was the work of the Nine Stuff, "Triplace". Metheos declares that it wasn't important and that they should begin the MASSACRE! Outside of Leaf City, One-Eyed Shadow plops up with Limpid and Phoenix's tired forms and muses over the events that had occurred.

Meanwhile, Dr. Max and his cohorts arrive at the place where the superpowers had lead them and he looks on excitedly as he gets closer to his prize sample.

Lamia suddenly awakens to find herself in a bed. A young girl then walks in and explains how Lamia got there. The girl, named Jenny, says to Lamia that she'll fix her up a meal immediately and gets to work whilst telling the superhero her life story. Suddenly, the news reports of a brutal villain's attack happening at Riverrun where Jenny's mum was shopping, upsetting the little girl. Whilst piecing together that the Anima Stone had fallen into Metheos' hands, Nightmare reassures Jenny that her mum would be safe before flying off to Riverrun to stop the villains there.

At Riverrun Metheos is satisfied with the results and Iblis informs him that they were almost done with the city. Hacky watches the news broadcast when he suddenly sees a figure flying into Riverrun airspace. Whilst only brief, he is sure it was Nightmare he saw.


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