Season 2, Episode 54


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24th May, 2016
22nd June, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 54: Blood Pack, Alex and Succubus return with the former telling Hacky that Nightmare was fighting one more villain. While Blood Pack contemplates her lack of power, Alex informs Hacky of his findings of a microchip from a destroyed clone. Realising it could be used to track Dr. Max Hacky says he will decrypt it so they could track him and prevent the doctor from making any more clones.

Meanwhile, a newly recreated Dr. Max bursts free from a tank having turned himself into a supublic. As he muses on taking revenge on those who destroyed his artificial supublics, as well as attaining the 'missing piece' of his work, two villains enter his lab asking for more clones. Dr. Max quickly pins Piggy Fox against the wall and asks the other villain to use his skill to track the man who had trashed his lab earlier. Hacky informs Blood Pack that the info from the chip was moving and they determined that Dr. Max was travelling with it. As Dr. Max and his new allies followed the trail of superpowers, Blood Pack and Alex followed after them.

At Leaf City, One-Eyed Shadow overlooks the carnage of the dead heroes and wonders if he is too late. Inside Apache's lair, Lightning takes his revenge on Banshee for betraying him, but Limpid snatches the Anima Stone before he can take it. She and Phoenix try to escape, but Lightning uses the Golden Candle to aid in disabling them. However before Lightning can pick up the Anima Stone, he is shot at and dodges. Wondering how anyone could still possess powers while the Golden Candle was burning, Metheos appears and claims the Anima Stone with his subordinates standing behind him...


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