Season 2, Episode 52


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10th May, 2016
8th June. 2016
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Season 2, Episode 52: Silver-Lion mentions that the heroes Dire had killed had all worked hard to make a name for themselves, but Dire retorts that he did what he had to do, because of their stubbornness. Realising he didn't have much of his superpowers remaining, Dire flew off in Lightning's direction, only for Silver-Lion to immobilise and floor him using his piercing Roar skill. However Dire appears behind him and chokes him, but not for long as Silver-Lion retaliates by breaking free, launching Dire down and blasting him with a Beam Burster. Believing him to have perished, Dire resurfaces with a new even more powerful form.

Meanwhile, Limpid combats Banshee whilst Lightning fruitlessly attempts to forcefully shatter Apache's petrification. As Limpid is then mercilessly overwhelmed by the combined efforts of Lightning and Banshee, Phoenix worriedly cries out to her from behind the door. He then has a flashback to his younger days when he got bullied for his wings and Limpid saved him and gave him a new lease of life. Just as Lightning finishes her off, the door is suddenly destroyed with Phoenix appearing, wings ablaze. Lightning blows him off until Phoenix begins to brutalise him.


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