Season 2, Episode 51


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3rd May, 2016
1st June, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 51: Getting inside the inner room they see Apache's petrified form with the Anima Stone around his finger. Limpid thinks about how Apache did what he did to protect the Anima Stone whilst Banshee uses her Telepathy skill to relay the info to Lightning. As Limpid walks up to Apache, Lightning attacks her while Limpid calls him out on his greedy actions. He defends both himself and his intentions, but Limpid derisively brushes off his excuses.

Meanwhile Dire fights off the simultaneous efforts of the sidekick and three heroes, before eventually killing all four of them. Dire tells Silver-Lion that he had no choice as they wouldn't listen to what they were saying but the aged hero says the same for Dire. Dire then states that he'd rather live and die on his own terms. Back inside Apache's lair, Limpid wonders whether get Phoenix's help or not, only for Banshee to inform her she could read her mind.

Both Lightning and Silver-Lion tell their quarries that this place would be their graves...


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