Season 2, Episode 5


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16th June, 2015
15th July, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 5: Metaroid's ally causes the truck to crash into Jina's car, after messing with the brakes, in order to lure out a hero without attracting too much attention. In the aftermath of the crash, Jina, seeing Alex's dead body, remembers Lamia's words and prepares to fight.

Late at night in the office, Lamia is busy working on finishing her report when her boss suddenly appeared behind her. He told her it was her last chance and if she didn't finish the report she would be fired. Meanwhile the truck continues to career dangerously down the road and is about to crash into some civilians until Jina uses her power to levitate and move the truck out of the way. Just then, Metaroid appears behind the two civilians and, mumbling they should have blown everything up instead, he proceeds to explode destroying much of the surrounding area. Metaroid then rounds on Jina, and instantly overwhelms her.

With her headphones on, Lamia is oblivious to the chaos going on around her inside the office. Then, just as she was about to finish her report, Jina comes hurtling through the office window, smashing away the desk and the laptop Lamia was working on, with Metaroid coming through the window afterwards. Noting Jina's slumped form first, Lamia has a flashback to the time where she took down Metaroid with Theo. Metaroid then says that Lamia looks familiar and tells her to show her face...