Season 2, Episode 47


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5th April, 2016
4th May, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 47: With Chromo intercepting Dire's message to his allies and relaying the message to Iblis, she is given the order by Metheos to send the best villains to Leaf City to retrieve the Anima Stone. Meanwhile Lightning and Banshee are racing towards the villains' hideout when Banshee suddenly reveals she overheard the location of the Anima Stone. With this news, Lightning tells Banshee to broadcast for the newly formed heroes to head towards Leaf City. Camilla intercepts Lightning's broadcast and tells Kyle to mobilise to retrieve the Anima Stone at all costs.

In the destroyed lands, Chromo declares that he would send them all to their deaths before kicking Succubus to the magma below. Alex and Blood Pack then go at him, but he proves to be a foe that cannot be stood up to. As their Forcebite powers begin to leak out, Chromo begins detailing their demise. However he is interrupted by grunts from behind him as Nightmare crawls up from below, having saved Succubus, saying that all Chromo had done was finished his turn.